Frequently Asked Questions






Q. I signed up but I don’t understand what a downline builder is?


A. A downline builder typically lets you promote more than one program sharing one link.



Q. How much with the Early Bird Downline Builder cost me?


A. Nothing, it’s free for you and the members you refer. Once you join you have the option to  add paid programs to build your income streams.



Q. I see there are programs in the “Update Program Info” do I have to join all of them?


A. You can join any number of programs you choose to join. It is totally up to you. Keep

    In mind the system was created with proven programs to help you earn online.



Q. How do I get support when I need it?


  1. Ask your referring sponsor, ask in the Early Birds

    Facebook, or use the contact form. We’re here to help you. In most cases there are

    Training videos in the “Team Project Help Pages” that will guide you every step of the

    Way. We don’t mind helping just ask that you check there too.



Q. How do I advertise my referral id to get signups?


    A. Use the banners and other promotional material in the “Promotional Center.” Check

   Back often for more advertising materials. If you are using these in rev shares or traffic

   Exchanges, just copy the image address. See example. Where you see “Tammy” in the

   Image below, this will be your own userid that you created when you signed up here

   In EBDLB. Make sure that is what you put in the target url in your advertising.

how to hightlight banner.png


Q. I see there are programs that uses Bitcoin but I don’t understand how to use Bitcoin?


   A. The “Team Project Help Pages” have videos to walk you through getting set up to

   get an online wallet and then programs to help you earn bitcoin. We have more programs

   Coming in bitcoin and we are excited to offer these to you as income streams.